New & Interesting

* My peer-reviewed Covid-19 short piece from Politics & Gender Women Leaders and Pandemic Performance: A Spurious Correlation” is out. Read ” to understand why pushing the narrative that women leaders are better at managing the pandemic may be wrongheaded.

* My idea of a “right to be elected” is the Spring 2020 cover story for The Boston Review! The introduction to the issue (co-authored with Shauna Shames) is now on-line, “Without Women, There is No Democracy.”

* I have two new short pieces out: Backlash and the Future of Feminism (co-authored with Denise Walsh) in Signs and Gender and Candidate Emergence in Comparative Perspective (co-authored with Meryl Kenny) in the European Journal of Politics and Gender.

*My new article in Political Studies with Gabrielle Bardall and Elin Bjarnegård challenges understandings of “violence against women in politics” by arguing for better attention to three elements of political violence: gendered motives, gendered forms, and gendered impacts.

* My article “All Male Panels: Representation and Democratic Legitimacy” (co-authored with Amanda Clayton and Diana Z. O’Brien) is out in the American Journal of Political Science! Punchline: Everyone hates all male panels, especially when the roll back women’s rights, but even when they don’t.


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