Jennifer M. Piscopo

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Did women leaders perform better than COVID-19? Yes and no. I argue that while many women leaders did exhibit distinctive leadership styles, they were still underrepresented in pandemic decision-making. My work also addresses how governments can ‘build back better’ by designing gender-responsive recovery plans.

Expert Discussion for Global Affairs Canada. “Building Democracy Assistance Back Better.” 2021. Parliamentary Centre. Ottawa, Canada. (virtual) 

“The Global Fight for Gender-Responsive COVID-19 Recovery Plans: Implications for Women’s Rights.” 2021. Handong Global University, the Korean Ministry of Education, and UNESCO, South Korea. (virtual)

“On the Frontlines but Left Behind: A Global Perspective on Gender and COVID-19.” 2021. International Public Policy Observatory, Northern Ireland. (virtual) 

“Women, Politics, and Political Leadership.” 2021. KAS Foundation and the Asian Women’s Parliamentary Caucus, Singapore. (virtual)

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