Peer-Reviewed Articles

“Follow the Money: Gender, Incumbency, and Campaign Funding in Chile” (co-authored with Magda Hinojosa, Gwynn Thomas, and Peter Siavelis). First view at Comparative Political Studies. [Pre-print]

“Women to the Rescue: The Gendered Effects of Public Discontent on Legislative Nominations in Latin America” (co-authored with Kendall Funk and Magda Hinojosa). Party Politics 27 (3) 2021: 465-477.  [URL]

“Group Identity, Ideology, or Recognition? Explaining Latin American Lawmakers’ Support for Gender Quotas” (co-authored with Asbel Bohigues). Revista CIDOB d’Afers Internacionals (Spain) 127 (April) 2021: 95-120. [Spanish]  [English]

“Women Leaders and Pandemic Performance: A Spurious Correlation.” Politics & Gender 16 (1) 2020: 951-959. [URL]

“How is Political Violence Gendered? Disentangling Motives, Forms, and Impacts” (co-authored with Gabrielle Bardall and Elin Bjarnegård).  Political Studies 68 (4): 2020: 916-935. [PDF]

“All Male Panels? Representation and Democratic Legitimacy” (co-authored with Amanda Clayton and Diana Z. O’Brien). American Journal of Political Science 63 (1) 2019: 113-129. [URL]

“Neither Penalized nor Prized: Feminist Legislators, Women’s Representation, and Career Paths in Argentina” (co-authored with Mariana Caminotti). Journal of Politics in Latin America 11 (2) 2019: 181-203. [PDF]

“The Limits of Leaning In: Ambition, Recruitment, and Candidate Training in Comparative Perspective.” Politics, Groups, and Identities 7 (4) 2019: 817-828.  [URL]

“The Reactive Left: Gender Equality and the Latin American Pink Tide” (co-authored with Merike Blofield and Christina Ewig). Social Politics, 24 (4) 2017: 345-369.  [URL]

“Still Left Behind: Gender, Political Parties, and Latin America’s Pink Tide” (co-authored with Kendall D. Funk and Magda Hinojosa). Social Politics, 24 (4) 2017: 399-424. [Editors’ choice: ungated manuscript.]

“Corporate Quotas and Symbolic Politics in Advanced Democracies” (co-authored with Susan Clark Muntean). Journal of Women, Politics & Policy 39 (3) 2018: 285-309. [URL] [Author copy]

“When Informality Advantages Women: Quota Networks, Electoral Rules, and Candidate Selection in Mexico.” Government & Opposition, 51 (3) 2016: 487-512. [publisher URL] [Open access]

“Gender Balance as Democracy: The Shift from Quotas to Parity in Latin America.” Politics, Groups, and Identities, 4 (2) 2016: 214-230[URL]

“Supermadres, Maternal Legacies, and Women’s Political Participation in Contemporary Latin America” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet and Gwynn Thomas), Journal of Latin American Studies, 48 (1) 2016: 1-32. [URL]

“States as Gender Equality Activists: The Evolution of Quota Laws in Latin America.” Latin American Politics and Society, 57 (3) 2015: 29-42. [URL]

“Beyond Hearth and Home: Female Legislators, Feminist Policy Change and Substantive Representation in Mexico.” Revista Uruguaya de Ciencia Politica 23 (2): 2014: 87-110. [PDF]

“Female Leadership and Sexual Health Policy in Argentina.”  Latin American Research Review, volume 49 (1), 2014: 104-127. [URL]

“Sustaining Gendered Practices? Power and Elite Networks in Argentina” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet). Comparative Political Studies 47 (1), January 2014: 86-111 . [URL]

“Federalism, Decentralization, and Reproductive Rights in Argentina and Chile” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet).  Publius: The Journal of Federalism 43 (1) 2013: 129-150. [URL]

“Rethinking Descriptive Representation: Rendering Women in Legislative Debates.” Parliamentary Affairs 64 (3) 2011: 448-472.  [URL]

“Gender Quotas and Women’s Substantive Representation: Lessons from Argentina” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet).  Politics & Gender  4 (3) 2008: 393-425.  [URL]

Edited Books

The Impact of Gender Quotas (co-edited with Susan Franceschet and Mona Lena Krook).  New York: Oxford University Press, February 2012 (hardback and paperback versions published simultaneously). [URL]

Editor Reviewed Articles and Chapters

“Rethinking the Ambition Gap: Gender and Candidate Emergence in Comparative Perspective” (co-authored with Meryl Kenny). 2020. The European Journal of Politics and Gender 3 (1): 3-10. [URL for free PDF download]

“Introduction: Backlash and the Future of Feminism” (co-authored with Denise Walsh). 2020. Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 45 (2): 267-279.  [URL]

“State Capacity, Criminal Justice, and Political Rights: Rethinking Violence Against Women in Politics.” Política y Gobierno 32 (2) 2016: 437-458. [PDF in Spanish]  [PDF in English]

“Equality, Democracy, and the Broadening and Deepening of Gender Quotas” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet).  Politics & Gender 9 (3) 2013: 310-316.  [URL]

Peer-Reviewed Book Chapters

“Parity without Equality in Costa Rica.” In Gender and Representation in Latin America, Leslie Schwindt-Bayer, ed. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018.  [PDF] [URL]

“Motherhood and Politics in Latin America: Continuity and Change” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet and Gwynn Thomas). In Mothers and Others: The Impact of Parenthood on Politics, Amanda Bittner and Melanee Thomas, eds. Vancouver: British Columbia Press, 2017. [URL]

“Conceptualizing the Impact of Gender Quotas” and “Themes and Implications for Future Research on Gender Quotas” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet and Mona Lena Krook).  In The Impact of Gender Quotas, Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook, and Jennifer M. Piscopo, eds.  New York, Oxford University Press, 2012.  [URL]

“Gender and Political Backgrounds in Argentina” (co-authored with Susan Franceschet). In The Impact of Gender Quotas, Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook, and Jennifer M. Piscopo, eds.  New York, Oxford University Press, 2012.  [URL]

Editor Reviewed Book Chapters

“Women Running in the World: Candidate Training Programs in Comparative Perspective.” In Good Reasons to Run, Rachel Bernhard, Mirya Holman, Shauna Shames, and Dawn Teele, eds. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2020.  [URL]

“Democratic Crisis, the Turn to the Right, and Women’s Political Participation: The 2018 Costa Rican Elections in Comparative Perspective.”  In The Limits of Democracy: Feminist Perspectives on the 2018 Elections, María José Cascante Vindas, ed. San José: University of Costa Rica Press, 2019. [Book in Spanish] [Chapter in Spanish] [Chapter in English]

“The Challenges with Legislation as Enforcement: Rethinking Responses to Violence against Women in Politics.” In When Being in Politics Costs Your Life: The Fight against Violence against Women in Politics in Latin America, Flavia Freidenberg and Gabriela del Valle Pérez, eds) Mexico City: the National Autonomous University of Mexico, the Electoral Court of Mexico City, and the Special Prosecutor for Electoral Crimes, 2018. [Spanish] [English]

“The Impact of Women in Parliament” (co-authored with Diana Z. O’Brien). In The Handbook of Women’s Political Rights, Susan Franceschet, Mona Lena Krook, and Netina Tan, eds. New York: Palgrave, 2019. [PDF]

“Electing Women to National Legislatures” (co-authored with Diana Z. O’Brien). In Measuring Women’s Political Empowerment across the Globe: Strategies, Challenges, and Future Research, Amy C. Alexander, Catherine Bolzendahl, and Farida Jalalzai, eds. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. [URL]

“Leveraging Informality: Rewriting Formal Rules: The Implementation of Gender Parity in Mexico.” In Gender and Informal Institutions, Georgina Waylen, ed. New York: Roman and Littlefield, 2017.  [URL] [PDF]

“Challenging Gender Inequality within the State: Policy Agencies and Quota Laws in Latin America” (co-authored with Gwynn Thomas). In Women, Politics, and Democracy in Latin America, Tomáš Došek, Flavia Freidenberg, Mariana Caminotti, and Betilde Muñoz-Pogossian, eds. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017. [URL]

“Quota Laws and Women’s Political Rights: Positive Actions for Gender Equality in Latin America.” In The Quality of Democracy in Latin America, Joe Foweraker and Dolores Trevizo, eds. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2016. [URL]

“Feminist Proposals and Conservative Voices: The Substantive Representation of Women in Argentina.” In Gender, Conservatism, and Political Representation, Karen Celis and Sarah Childs, eds. Essex, UK: ECPR Press, 2014. [URL]

“Gender Quotas and Equity Promotion in Mexico.”  In The Diffusion of Gender Quotas: Latin America and Beyond, Adriana Piatti Crocker, ed.  New York: Peter Lang, 2011.  [URL]

 “Primera Dama, Prima Donna? Media Constructions of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner in Argentina.”  In Cracking the Highest Glass Ceiling: A Global Comparison of Women’s Campaigns for Executive Office, Rainbow Murray, ed.  New York: Praeger, 2010.  [URL]

 Book Reviews

Representation: The Case of Women, edited by Maria C. Escobar-Lemmon and Michelle M. Taylor-Robinson, in The Journal of Women, Politics and Policy 37 (2) 2016: 234-236. [URL]

Gender and Populism in Latin America: Passionate Politics, edited by Karen Kampwirth, in The Journal of Women, Politics, and Policy, 32 (4): 1-3, 2011.  [URL]

Other Work

“Engineering Quotas in Latin America.” Center for Iberian and Latin American Studies, Working Paper Series (#23). University of California, San Diego: California Digital Library, 2006. [URL]

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