New & Interesting

* My article “All Male Panels: Representation and Democratic Legitimacy” (co-authored with Amanda Clayton and Diana Z. O’Brien) is out in the American Journal of Political Science! Punchline: Everyone hates all male panels, especially when the roll back women’s rights, but even when they don’t.

* Do women presidents fall harder than the men? Read my February 5, 2018 my op-ed in The New York Times on “Latin America’s female leadership void.”

* With Merike Blofield and Christina Ewig, I guest edited the Winter 2017 issue of Social Politics, entitled “The Left and Gender Equality: Achievements, Setbacks and Variation after Latin America’s Pink Tide.” Check out the table of contents and our introduction, which discusses the Latin American’s left mixed record on gender equality.

* Read my latest publication on conceptualizing and responding to violence against women in politics, “The Challenges with Legislation as Enforcement: Rethinking Responses to Violence against Women in Politics”. Available in Spanish or in English.


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