New & Interesting

* Raising the number of women in political office requires more than simply asking them to run. Read my new article in Politics, Groups, and Identities on women’s political ambition and the limits of “leaning in.”

* My article “All Male Panels: Representation and Democratic Legitimacy” (co-authored with Amanda Clayton and Diana Z. O’Brien) is out in the American Journal of Political Science! Punchline: Everyone hates all male panels, especially when the roll back women’s rights, but even when they don’t.

* Do women presidents fall harder than the men? Read my February 5, 2018 my op-ed in The New York Times on “Latin America’s female leadership void.”

* Read my latest publication on conceptualizing and responding to violence against women in politics, “The Challenges with Legislation as Enforcement: Rethinking Responses to Violence against Women in Politics”. Available in Spanish or in English.


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