Jennifer M. Piscopo

Jennifer Piscopo

Royal Holloway University of London

Honorary Professor, Department of Politics, International Relations, and Philosophy

Occidental College

Associate Professor, Department of Politics

Translating my research into action is my top priority. I advise policymakers, think tanks, and international organizations on the evidence-based practices that will boost women’s political participation and advance gender equality.

I have led projects for UN Women, United Cities and Local Government, and the Gender Equity Policy Institute, among others. My commentary and analysis has appeared in The Washington Post, NPR, and The Boston Review

In addition to talking about women, gender, and elections worldwide, I also talk about U.S. politics for international outlets like CNN Chile and Peru’s La Republica, and about Latin American Politics for U.S. outlets like The Journal of Democracy and the Democracy Nerd podcast. 

Women remain underrepresented in politics worldwide. My research explains why this matters and how it can change. 

I am one of the leading experts on the adoption, design, and implementation of electoral gender quotas– laws that require political parties to run certain proportions of women candidates. 

I also study how political parties include or exclude women, when and why women run for office, and how having women in office matters for gender equality. More recently, my work tackles women’s leadership during crisis response and recovery.

Featured Presentation: Cambridge Festival